Join the LAG

Shaftesbury Gold Hill in eveningThe LAG welcomes new members at any time.  Members bring their local knowledge and experience to the group and play a vital role in encouraging projects to apply alongside the oversight of the programme and its strategic direction.

Anyone with an interest in the local area can join.  You do not have to live or work in the area but you should have knowledge and experience of the communities and types of businesses that work here.  Your skills will help the LAG achieve the LEADER priority to encourage strong economic growth in rural areas.   For example, you could be a farmer or landowner, a food producer or an artist, own or work in a rural business or social enterprise or be a representative of a local community or interest group.

Members help identify and select strong projects from local communities, organisations and businesses applying for grants and help monitor the performance of the Local Action Group and discuss each year’s priorities at LAG Meetings.

You can join at anytime.  Download a membership form or contact us to ask for a form to be sent to you.

Members are also selected to represent the LAG’s interests on the Executive Committee. Decision making powers are delegated to this sub-group of the LAG .