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Hurrah! You’ve been accepted to full application with your project, more than likely the first thing you will be thinking about is getting the large number of quotes together but before you start please read the information below (taken from the handbook!).

When you submit your full application to the Dorset LEADER team we begin a very thorough quote checking process – there are over 20 things we check each quote for, if you don’t follow the rules below then we’ll send the quote back to you asking for more information; delaying your application.

How many quotes do I need for each item?

A note about VAT – the thresholds below are based on what you will actually pay – so if you are VAT registered and able to reclaim VAT, it will be the net price of the item; if not it will be the gross price. If you can’t supply the number of quotes required below then contact your sponsor to discuss.

Value of item or service How to show value for money
£1,500 or less 2 quotes or references to 2 catalogue listings (including online suppliers)
£1,501 to £10,000 3 quotes or references to 3 catalogue listings (including online suppliers)
£10,001 – £50,000 3 quotes or 2 quotes and a reference to a catalogue listing (including online suppliers)
£50,001 or more 3 quotes

General Points

Quotes must;

  • Come from different suppliers
  • Come from suppliers that are not linked to the applicant or the applicant’s business
  • Be comparable in terms of quality, size, quantity, units and specification
  • Be still valid and dated within the last 6 months
  • Include an itemised break down of costs, if this is not possible then the applicant must provide the specification that the supplier quoted against
  • Include the suppliers name/a contact name, address and telephone number
  • Include company registration number (if they are a limited company)
  • Include the VAT number (if they are VAT registered)
  • Be addressed to the applicant or their business

Print outs from online catalogues or photocopies of paper catalogues are acceptable, they must conform to all of the above and also show the date they were printed/copied and the full web address/page number.

Have a look at an example: Quotes.pdf

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