Funding under LEADER will aim to deliver permanent new supply chains and jobs that, at the same time, restore regular management to local woods and encourage a greater degree of added value to the timber output.

The types of projects we want to fund:

  • Projects that develop the supply chain for local woodland products, including their promotion and development;
  • Projects that bring unmanaged areas of woodland back into management and supply a local market, including collaborative forestry projects that increase productivity.

LAG Priority

Making Connections within the Land Based Sector and Making Connections between Business

Leader Priority

Support for increasing forestry productivity

Funding Available

Minimum grant approximately £5,000 Maximum grant rate 40% of the project’s eligible costs. The LAG’s maximum grant is £140,000.

Who Can Apply?

Owners or tenants of private forestry holdings, micro, small and medium-sized forestry contracting businesses.


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