Rural Services

We wish to encourage rural communities to find innovative solutions to some of the difficulties facing their residents, especially the lack of access to essential services. We particularly want to hear from strong community partnerships with projects that make a contribution to growing the local economy.

The types of projects we want to fund:

  • Innovative projects that set up, improve or expand essential rural services for the local community, e.g. equipment and IT solutions, community hubs for social and economic use, social enterprises supplying and sharing rural services and facilities;
  • Projects that develop community infrastructure and access to key services, which may include tourism projects that increase services for the local community and contribute to village renewal;
  • Small-scale village infrastructure projects, including amenity buildings and village access, for example footpaths and cycle ways.

LAG Priority

Making Connections between businesses and within the Economy; Making Connections between Places, Making Connections between Communities

Leader Priority

Provision of rural services

Funding Available

Minimum grant approximately £5,000 Maximum grant approximately £140,000. Maximum grant rate of between 60-75% depends on the whether the project is non-profit making and is of benefit to the wider local tourist economy.

Who Can Apply?

New or existing rural based micro and small businesses, rural community organiations, charities, local authorities (in exceptional circumstances).

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